Zucchini Bread Recipe with Sour Cream

All-time favorite Zucchini Bread Recipe with Sour Cream. It is simple in look but has many different flavors in it. It is sweet and a little bit savory in taste.

Zucchini Bread Recipe with Sour Cream
Zucchini Bread Recipe with Sour Cream

This zucchini bread recipe is a real recipe, experienced by many chefs. If you cook the same recipe, I promise this is the only Zucchini Bread Recipe you ever need.

You can have this baked Zucchini Bread recipe with sour cream with your friends and family. This may also use for festivals as desserts.

This recipe can be a treat for all, in summers. For extra moisture, you can add more zucchini because it is a natural source of moisturizer.

What actually makes the zucchini bread recipe delicious? The type of recipe and the baking method you follow!

Zucchini bread is a quick bread recipe. Hence it is not a cake. This is quick to make and the main pros of this bread recipe are NO YEAST involvement.

Zucchini Bread
Zucchini Bread

As there is no yeast in this bread recipe, you do not need to wait for the rising of the dough.

It is almost like banana bread, but healthier than banana bread. Zucchini is a natural gift as low fat and high in moisture food, we bless with.

At Normal, the recipes for Zucchini bread make two loaves. A good opportunity for food lovers to store one in the freezer.

Baking and the preparation of zucchini bread need only 2 to 3 utensils from your kitchen.

The addition of Zucchini Bread Recipe with Sour Cream makes bread moisture for days. If the bread lasts more than a day, the cream will make it as it is.

You can make muffins as well, with the help same recipe.

Cream for Recipe of Zucchini Bread

Sour Cream
Sour Cream


Do not lick your screen, because of mouth-watering.

Sour cream is a condiment in many recipes. This cream is a healthy food item that is available in cuisines.

Sour cream is a product of milk. Milk is a dairy item, it has minerals essential for the human body; like calcium, vitamins, etc.

Sour cream may add in the icing of salty pastries, filling of salty and sweet pastries.

Sour cream may also use in soups, bakery items, stews, creams, and jellies for kids also.

It may be a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. It is beneficial for bone health as the cream is a milk product.

Do not eat this cream in a large quantity; it may take you to the harmful side. This is because it’s useful as condiments.

Recipe of Zucchini Bread with Sour Cream

This creamy bread recipe is super duper moist. To make this Zucchini Bread Recipe with Sour Cream you need these ingredients. Below are the directions for baking this bread also.


After reading the ingredients, you will agree that these ingredients are basic. That is available in your baking kitchen.

  1. 3 cups of all-purpose flour, as it is the main ingredient for baking.
  2. 2 cups of shredded Zucchini, with the peel ( do not peel off the Zucchini, to rinse and dry )
  3. 1 cup of sour cream
  4. One teaspoon of baking soda
  5. 1 teaspoon of baking powder
  6. 2 cups of sugar
  7. 3 medium-sized eggs ( on room temperature )
  8. A teaspoon of salt
  9. A cup of oil ( cooking oil or vegetable oil )
  10. 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
  11. ¼ teaspoon of cinnamon ( to add the spice in loaf )
Ingredients for Zucchini Bread
Ingredients for Zucchini Bread


Here are the easy steps to follow, to prepare the batter and to bake the loaf of zucchini bread. Sour cream zucchini bread is going to start:

1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

2. Grease the pans, put to aside. You can also use flour to sprinkle onto the pan.

3. In a medium mixing bowl, whisk all the dry ingredients with your hand. Dry ingredients include All-purpose flour, salt, cinnamon, baking soda, and baking powder.

4. In another mixing bowl, beat sugar and oil plus vanilla extract and sour cream.

5. Add eggs in this beating mixture one by one and beat well, until the batter becomes fluffy.

6. Add dry ingredients batter to the batter and mix them, until combined.

7. Fold the Zucchini in this final batter.

8. Pour the batter equally into the already prepared pans.

9. Bake for 50 to 60 minutes. Test the zucchini loaf bread with a toothpick. If the toothpick comes back clean when inserted it means your bread is now baked.

10. Let the bread cool down before slicing. Slice Zucchini bread with Sour Cream.

Zucchini Bread with Sour Cream
Zucchini Bread with Sour Cream

Nutritional Facts

The nutrition in this recipe is quite low and healthy. The zucchini is the basic element that causes this recipe to have one or two extra slices. Following are the facts rely on the amount per serving of zucchini bread:

Calories: 160 kcal

Fat: 15 g      

Carbohydrates: 25 g

Protein: 3 g

Cholesterol: 20 mg

Important Notes for Zucchini Bread

These are the helpful important tips, which may use in the zucchini bread recipes with sour cream.

  • Wash the zucchini and cut the stems from both sides.
  • Do not peel off the zucchini in any of the recipes you are making.
  • It is better to use the fresh zucchini from your garden or from your neighbor’s.
  • You can add chocolate chips or nuts to add extra flavor to your zucchini bread recipe.
  • Always use the measuring cups or spoons for accurate measurement.
  • Baking is fun element, for surety of perfect result always check with a toothpick.

Zucchini Bread Recipe with Sour Cream gives you the best bread. This bread is a tender full of moisturizer recipe because of sour cream. You must thank the sour cream to give the extra enhanced flavors.

The cream is a product that loves by many people of many ages. From kids to older age people use to have cream (fat-free sour cream). Your kids will beg you after 7 to 15 days for slices of sour cream zucchini bread.

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